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I currently have carpet over my terrazzo. Should I remove it myself?
Remove the carpet, but don't remove the tack strips. Removing the nails in the terrazzo could cause further damage to the floor resulting in higher repair costs. Talk to us first.

Should I use acid to clean my terrazzo?
No, acid can damage the stones. Use only a neutral cleaner or a stone soak.

I have a hole in my terrazzo from a large plumbing repair. Can that be filled?
Yes, we can match the cement color and stones to pour a fill up to about fifteen square feet.

I am beginning a whole house remodel. When should my terrazzo be restored?
Full floor restoration is best done after any demolition is complete, but before painting.

My Travertine floor is uneven and difficult to walk on. What can be done?
We can grind Travertine and Marble with a "lipping" disc until it is flat, and then rehone to its natural beauty.

I have a few broken tiles in my floor. Can you fix them?
If you have leftover tiles from installation, we can remove the broken tiles, reinstall new and match your grout color

My marble floor looks dull and scratched. What can be done?
We can rehone to remove scratches and restore marble's natural beauty. After that, it should be professionally cleaned and polished by a professional once a year.

My terrazzo is old, dirty and reminds me of my high school floor. Can you make it beautiful?
After diamond grinding, polishing, sealing, and crystallization, your terrazzo will show it's true depth and beauty.

I am adding a room to my house. Can you pour new terrazzo to match what I have?
We are able to pour up to about fifteen square feet for repairs, but for larger areas, I can refer reputable contractors that are capable of larger pours.

I have Mexican Tile that is discolored and scratched. Can it be restored also?
Mexican tile can be cleaned, stripped and resealed to restore its original color. This can also be done with Quarry tile, Slate, and any other floors in the stone family.

After you finish restoring my terrazzo floor, what's the best way to take care of it on a daily basis?
After your job is complete, we will train and educate you on the best methods to take care of and maintain the beauty of the floor.

With proper maintenance, how long will the terrazzo results last?
Four to five years.

Will spills stain my restored terrazzo floor?
Always clean up spills as soon as possible, but most stains can be prevented.

My house is flooded, will it damage my terrazzo?
We can vacuum the water off the floor and clean it to prevent any damage to the floor.

If you have any questions not addressed in this section, please feel free to call or email us.

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